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2017 Integration and application of geospatial information produced by the project of large-scale landslide disaster mitigation and prevention subject to climate change


This project has set up the High Resolution Imagery Order System, a online website, for purchasing high resolution satellite imagery of 0.5 m ground sampling distance (GSD) resolution. The system would be a tool to integrate the procedure of purchasing satellite imagery and build up single point of contact. The imagery purchased would be assessed for spatial accuracy. The High Resolution Imagery Order System provides an optimum interface for those who have needs in high resolution satellite imagery to search and order high resolution satellite imagery, which would cut down on double ordering, process and release imagery purchased instantaneously for increasing the benefits of sharing imagery.Through this project, aerial photographs, related tasks and important achievements over recent years have been integrated. Besides, standards to categorizes UAV photos have been developed as well. A tool for assessing the spatial accuracy of UAV photos has been established, and applied in the project of 2016.

The project has built up the Large-scale Landslides Geospatial Information System. Apart from displaying the relevant basic imagery and various spatial information generated from the projects under the Large-scale Landslides by Climate Change Prevention and Mitigation Projects, data about foreign disasters, such as imagery, massive weather data and analysis report, has been gathered and displayed in the system. The project has integrated the spatial imagery data. After implementing a standardized procedure to process the data, they would be saved in the database. Which would be helpful for searching.

The establishment of the system produced by this project not only integrates the geospatial information but also improves the efficiency of information use by providing the function of immediate release, immediate inspection, information searching, and information resources sharing.

Keywords:High Resolution Imagery Order System, Classification of UAV image, Assessment of Spatial Accuracy, Geospatial information display systems

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