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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Service

unmanned aerial vehicle
digital cameras
a computer
the mission planning system
the image processing system
lithium batteries and a battery charger
other gadgets
the equipment case


UAV mission
airspace application
the base map and data preparation
insurance for staff and equipments
flight mission planning
staff operating
traffic and accommodation


image processing
L 1 geo-referenced product

conducted by three attitudes 

L 2 geo-referenced product conducted by conjugate points
L 3 geo-referenced product conducted by digital topography model
L 4 geo-referenced product conducted by a stereo pair
seamless & color-balanced mosaic product  
online publishing

  images published on NCKU cloud server for one year


The flight mission will be postponed when it's raining, wind speed reaches 85 km/hr or air turbulence occurs.