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Panorama Photo Processing and Publishing

Photographing and Publishing Panorama Photos
  • The Ladybug-3 camera will be carried on a car driving at a speed of 20-40 km/hr, and captures panoramic photos en route.
  • In areas that cars cannot reach, we will carry the Ladybug-3 equipped with a fish-eye lens, a single lens reflex camera, a tripod and a cradle head and capture panoramic photos by walking.
Processing and Publishing
  • Ladybug- 3 camera can automatically capture the picture of each point in the length of every 20 meter. The pictures can be processed by our superoverlay technique and published on our website.
  • The Ladybug-3 can perform all the image acquisition, processing, stitching and correction necessary to integrate multiple camera images into full resolution digital spherical and panoramic videos in real time.