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Conferences, Exhibitions & Courses

Training Courses

The Introduction of Multi-Stage Geospatial Information Platform in Environmental Survey and Rapid Response of Natural Disaster
14 Oct 2011 Room 209, Computer and Network Center, NCKU It's the training course of our SWCB project.

Conferences and Exhibitions

The 32nd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS)
3-7 Oct 2011
Taipei International Convention Center
Invited by SWCB, we exhibited our research results of UAV.
The 2nd Conference of Satellite and Geoinformatics Application in Greater China
8 Oct 2011
Department of Geomatics, NCKU
Our research results of UAV were exhibited in the conference.
The Annual Conference of TGIS
9-10 Nov 2011
NTUH International Convention Center
Invited by Chunghwa Telecom, we exhibited our research results of UAV. 
Top Universities Achievement Exhibition
3-4 Dec 2011
NCKU International Convention Hall
The exhibition showed the results of the Phase I Aim for the Top University Program organized by Headquarters of University Advancement, NCKU.